Mar 21, 2022Liked by Jamie Alyson Feldman

Late reading “this week” but OOOF did this one hit. I just got back from visiting my mom and had to stop myself multiple times from either a)snapping in anger or b)crying at her eating habits/phobias/rituals. It really is sad. I’ve only just come to terms with its impact on my self-esteem and my own relationship with food. My sisters and I call it a “generational eating disorder.”

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Jamie Alyson Feldman

Love this. In fact, just last week I had this conversation with my mom, a chronic "go to weight watchers on Saturday morning then eat whatever I want all weekend then God forbid I eat a WHITE FLOUR English muffin on a Monday?!" Person. Still. At age 70. I specifically remember tootsie roll pops for dessert (1 point!). I tried to explain intuitive eating to her last week. It was a losing battle. Seriously hoping our generation can impart a "strong and healthy is beautiful" instead of "small and hungry" to our kids.

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